The Fundamentals of Scaling

This page is for you, from my heart, I share with you the mistakes, the tools, and the information you need to grow and scale your business.  Here you have immediate access, and immediate applicable FREE information you can use right now in your business to scale, to grow and become financially independent.  I made the mistakes for you so that you do not have to. I went through the ups and the downs so that you do not have to.  This information is valuable, this information is applicable, and most of all its from me to you.  Learn, stay humble, send great energy and PMA™!

- Bobby Castro


positive mental attitude

1. Positive Mental Attitude™

There are so many issues that you will encounter in starting your own business, or even trying to leave a job and create something on your own.  You have to have your mental attitude right.  I have put together these steps for you to utilize in your daily experience, WHERE YOU ARE AT, that is the most important part.   Too many gurus want you to have the Lamborghini already, that is just not real, you have to start where you are at.

Prepare yourself mentally for your journey.
Be optimistic, no matter how dark the future looks.
Remove every single impractical activity, example - social media, Netflix, drinking, alcohol, not working out - anything that does not add to your goal.
Watch your thoughts, and stop negative attitudes.
Prepare yourself for anything unexpected, so you are not surprised.
No matter what is happening, always show up.
Always deliver on your word, your product and service.
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2. Non-Refundable Minutes™

With your Positive Mental Attitude™ in check it is only natural for you to look at what you are doing with your time.  Time is your most valuable asset whether you are an employer or an entrepreneur going out on your own.  I learned that if I maximized my minutes, I was naturally going to succeed.  What are you doing with your minutes, and how do you allocate them for productivity?

Make a list of things you are currently doing that add no productive value to you, and remove them.  Replace them with sales, calls, income producing activities.
Social Media is a major time sucker, stop it.
Stop looking at all different sources of information.  Find information that applies directly to where you currently are.
Use your time for phone calls, sales, promotion, marketing, business, clients, wife, husband, kids, working out, anything that is productive is acceptable.
Too much time on studying causes indecision, learn and master where you are and take the next step to attack.
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3. Attack

The biggest challenge to scaling your business is the attack.  By now you can understand that each of these 5 Fundamentals build on each other. You cannot attack without the right attitude.  You cannot attack without know and maximizing your time and valuable minutes.  Now it is time to get focused and hit the most productive points of your day to day experience with attack.

Your confidence automatically grows when you have the right attitude and know what you are doing with your time.
Focus on the small wins.  The small sales closing, the right marketing, a good customer, all of these will build your momentum.
Attack your income and attack your business expansion.
Use the most valuable information to attack how to expand your business.  What is valuable information, truthful applicable data that you can use now.
If you do not have money, go back to step to and figure out what you are doing with your minutes that is preventing you from income.

4. Urgent Massive Action™

Attacking everything, maintaining your minutes, and keeping your attitude ready for expansion allows you to take Urgent Massive Action™.  Urgent Massive Action™, comes from confidence, it comes from not doing stupid things with your time.  It comes from knowing exactly what you are doing with your minutes and maximizing them over and over where you are at in your business.  Your next step is to take Massive Urgent Action™, as if the world was going to end tomorrow.  And maintain this everyday.  This is why the correct mental attitude is vital and necessary.

You must be productive always.
Take action that is related to where you are currently at - sales calls, marketing, promotion, hiring, expansion, where ever you are currently are at, take action there.  DO NOT GO TO FAR AHEAD.
Small wins, compounded over time, no matter how small - could be receiving $100 - that is a win.  Keep building on these wins to gain fast momentum.  Go for small wins.
Duplicate and completely understand exactly the information to where you are.  Once you have done this and know it like a pro, then move onto the next step of information.
Focus on you and your business, do not fall into distractions, focus on the goal, focus on the road ahead only.
Understand the applicable and truthful information, then immediately spring into action.
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5. Stack and Rack™

Here is the BONUS. If you followed steps 1-4 you should be having extra money coming in.  You save that money.  Do not go buy expensive cars, clothes, dinners, trips.  Save that money to a minimum of $50,000.  Then look at how you can become better, faster, stronger.  Maybe hire people to assist you, or better yet invest in real estate.  Get to a level where you can stack that money, save it and then rack it, invest it.

Save, save, save your money for investing.
Don't buy that car, don't buy those clothes, don't slow down.  Repeat and reinforce steps 1-4
Reinforce your confidence.  If you get to $50,000, next step is $100,000.  Repeat and reinforce.
Invest back into your startup with better delivery services, or invest in real estate to make your money work for you.
Invest back into your startup with better delivery services, or invest in real estate to make your money work for you.
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