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"Training strong leaders is the only way to grow and scale your company successfully." 

About Bobby

As a self-made business mogul, Bobby Castro exemplifies the transformation from entrepreneur to leader. With only a ninth-grade education, Bobby founded Bankers Healthcare Group in 2001 with an investment of just $25,000. Today, he’s reached a net worth of $300 million. Bobby knows that above all, the key to scaling a business is leadership. As the leader of his company for more than 18 years Bobby instilled in his team a Positive Mental Attitude™ (PMA™), creating a workplace environment that inspired top-level performance and unheard of revenue returns Under Bobby’s leadership, BHG grew exponentially, from a valuation of $250 Million to $1 Billion, a whopping 400% increase in just 4 years. Now, Bobby is venturing into a new chapter to work with business owners and entrepreneurs seeking to duplicate the success he’s earned from hands-on experience by transforming into positive leaders. Having achieved financial freedom on his own terms, Bobby wants to teach others how to scale their businesses so they too can achieve unprecedented results. In addition to growing the value of his company beyond belief, Bobby has created a community of happy, loyal employees and has been awarded nationally for that rare accomplishment. He was the recipient of the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2012, led BHG to be included on the Inc. 500/5000 list 13 times, and has been recognized by Fortune, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Hispanic 500, Crains and more. He was a keynote speaker at 10X, and has been featured numerous times in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Smart Business Magazine and CNBC, among others. At the heart of Bobby’s business philosophy is a commitment to the community and social responsibility. Both Bobby and BHG proudly support charitable organizations locally in Florida, Syracuse, and nationally like Operation Smile, Food for the Poor, American Cancer Society, and House Calls for the Homeless and more.

Speaking and Interview Topics

Bobby's Awards and Recognition

Fortune Magazine 
  • Best Workplaces in Financial Services & Insurance (2016-2018)
  • Best Workplaces for Diversity (2017)
  • Best Workplaces for Millennials (2017)
  • Best Medium Workplaces (2016, 2017)

Inc Magazine 
  • Best Workplace (2018)
  • Inc. 500/5000 (2005, 2007-2012, 2014-2017, 2019)
  • Hire Power Award (2013)

Entrepreneur Magazine 
  • Top Company Culture (2017)

Hispanic Business
  • 100 Top Earning Hispanic-Owned Companies (2014)

Central New York Business Journal
  • Best Places to Work (2015-2017)

South Florida Business Journal
  • Best Places to work (2016-2017)

Sun Sentinel
  • Top Workplaces (2015-2018)

  • Top Workplaces  in NYC (2016)

Other Awards
  • Named one of the South Florida Business Journal’s Power Leaders of 2019
  • 2012 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner
  • 2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Finalist
  • Awards & Recognition for Banker’s Healthcare Group: Great Place To Work Institute - Certified Great Place to Work (2016-2018)

What My Clients Are Saying

“The experience has been beyond great with Bobby and his mentorship. Every time I meet with Bobby at the end I am left with so much information and things to execute on that will directly impact my business in a significant way. These meetings put me in an uncomfortable position which I love. Shows me there is so much more I can be doing and that I am nowhere where we can be. If anyone is serious about growing their business I highly recommend Bobby’s mentorship. To top it off, it is not your ordinary mentorship. You can tell Bobby is not doing this for the money but rather for the IMPACT that he is making. He is greatly helping me and by default my family and those in our company as well. As I have mentioned to Bobby before in the past, him truly caring and being genuine is what separates him from others. The energy and good vibes you get every meeting goes beyond what you are also learning. I have other mentors and have had in the past. One of the 2 most impactful mentors that have significantly helped me change my life in this short period of time has definitely been Bobby. Definitely looking forward to growing with Bobby’s guidance.”
-Current Client of Non-Refundable Minutes Mentorship Program

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