Non-Refundable Minutes™

Personal 1-on-1 Mentorship with me, Bobby Castro

The Journey isn’t Easy,but the Destination is Incredible

I’m extremely proud to have built a business from zero to $1 billion and reached a personal net worth of over $400 million dollars. In the process I have become financially free and have provided generational wealth for my family. It didn’t come easy, and it didn’t come quick, but the mistakes I’ve made along the way have rewarded me beyond belief. Along my entrepreneurial journey I have had the honor to be recognized by Inc. 500/5000 list 13 times, Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Hispanic 500, Wallstreet Journal, Bloomberg, CNBC, and even was the recipient of the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2012. Over the years, I’ve been overwhelmed by some amazing people asking me to be their business mentor. Well, now I can be! As I look back, I understand if I had someone like myself, willing to coach me 1-on-1 – with good intentions and zero motives, I would have overcome challenges easily and seen success a lot faster. So, if you truly want to grow your business, let’s get started!

How My 1-on-1 Coaching Operates

Non-Refundable Minutes is an opportunity for you to receive tailored coaching, 1-on-1 with me. There’s no better way to achieve your goals than working with a mentor who has been where you are now. I have walked in your shoes, and now my purpose is to guide you and other entrepreneurs on a journey to business success. Here’s how our journey together will work.

Regular Private Calls

2-hour bi-weekly calls provide the perfect opportunity for us to delve deep into your circumstances, discuss your goals, and create a tailored plan for your personal and business success.

Mastermind Business Growth Events

Personally hosted by me, these four intimate quarterly events are a coming together of like-minded entrepreneurs asking, ‘how do I grow my business?’. By taking part in these exclusive events, you’ll become part of my resource ecosystem. I promise these two-night retreats are empowering, entertaining, and packed with priceless experiences – you don’t want to miss them! Come along, broaden your knowledge, embrace exclusive content, and leave feeling more motivated than ever before to create the business of your dreams!

Unlimited Access to Me & My Knowledge

My dedicated team will be on hand to document all of our sessions. You will receive follow-up emails with key takeaways and action points for you to follow. Away from your sessions, you’ll have unlimited access to me for knowledge and guidance, whether it’s revenue, net income, marketing, sales, staff, resources, efficiency, strategy, KPI’s, expansion, scale, negotiations, finances, relationships, or ultimately a company that increases in valuation - I’ve got your back!

Accountability Equals Progress

Between you and I, we’ll set tasks and targets for you to achieve, and you’ll be held accountable to them. Not many people can say they have a business mentor as successful as myself as an accountability partner – now’s your chance!

The 5 Steps toProductivity Mastery

Having scaled a company to a $1 billion valuation, I know what business success looks like. Now, I’ve created the blueprints for you to follow, enabling you to avoid the mistakes that I personally made and help you to expand your business at a rate you never imagined.

  1. Pinpoint all of your non-productive and time-consuming activities
  2. Identify replacement actions that promote business growth
  3. Begin to invest time and energy into your business, family, and other productive activities
  4. Review your current process and evolve your methodology until you’ve mastered it
  5. Reap the rewards of your hard work, celebrate your business and personal growth

For those who seek continuous business growth – remember that this is a never-ending cycle of reflection, modification, and adaptation. That’s where I come in. With me as your business mentor, we’ll create a productive lifestyle that lasts a lifetime!

Reprogramming You to Make the Most of Every Minute

Become the master of your life, never waste a moment, and reap the rewards – both professionally and personally. The Non-Refundable Minutes mentorship program will teach you how to remove distractions, end procrastination and cut non-productive activities from your daily routine. Which, in turn, will focus your mind on what matters most: your business, family, health, and mindset. Time is your most valuable asset – learn to manage your minutes expertly, and your business will never look back.

Limited Spaces for the Ultimate Impact

As you’re putting your trust in me to guide you to business success, it’s only fair that I can give you my undivided attention and pour my heart and soul into our relationship. My mentorship program is open exclusively to just 10 members at any one time. So, act fast, and let’s create a successful business and abundant life together!